Matthew 13:34 (AMP) – “The kingdom of heaven is like something
precious buried in a field, which a man found and hid again; then in
his joy he goes and sells all he has and buys that field.”

There are some things in this life that seem so important to us that
we are willing to go into great debt over. There are some
relationships that we feel we just can’t live without. Stuff,
relationships, money, drugs, power. Often these are gained out of

Being desperate is usually not a good enough reason to sell our soul
over. Or to self destruct over. Or to destroy others over.

However…when it comes to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of
Heaven…that, and ONLY that…is worth it all.

The gaining of the Kingdom of Heaven, right here, right now, on Earth,
at this very moment, is worth anything and everything that we have to
get it.

It’s worth all your riches. It’s worth your friends and family. It’s
worth it ALL.

In fact…Jesus requires that we are willing to give it ALL.

Often that is all He really wants, is to see if you were willing to
give it. Be willing and unless it is something harmful to you in the
long run, He will give you the Kingdom and allow you to keep what is
precious to you besides.

Remember Abraham? God told him to take his son Isaac up to a mountain
and sacrifice him on an altar. As Abraham raised his knife an angel
stopped him. He passed the test. God just wanted to know if Abraham
was willing.

Many years later God would sacrifice His own Son for the human race.
When we believe in what Jesus did for us we gain eternal life.

That is the precious thing He speaks of in this parable this morning.

Gaining Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven eternally is worth doing
whatever we have to do to receive it.

The great news this morning is that all you have to give up is
stubborn pride and just say…YES.

Yes, Lord! Just say it this morning and all the power of heaven is at
your disposal as a new born child of God!

Keepin’ it Real,

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